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Apple trees at spring

Spring is manifested in several different ways, a beautiful one is the flowering of plants. the first apple trees that begin to notice the warmth of spring are the Opal variety. It is a very crisp apple, yellow like the sun, it has a sweet and intense taste like the apples we used to have […]

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We started the poll !

We already have the pre-paved excavation of the land where the pool will be located. Everything ready for the next steps… formwork, reinforcement and so on! We hope the weather will be nice so we can continue with the construction.

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We’ll have a pool this summer!!

We’ll have a pool this summer in the Era den bella! It’s going to be a 8×4 m. saline electrolysis pool  next to the pool we’ll condition a chill out space to relax after a refreshing bath!

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Offer May

During the month of May, who is staying in the Era d’en Bella on a weekend, we offer you to discover, with surprise and gladness, a corner of the Vall de Lord. We will also offer you a guided tour of our Biolord apple plantation.

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Hello to everyone and welcome

From this blog, which we start today, we want to inform and share our daily lives with the aim of feeling closer to each other. Thank you so much!! Imma i David

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